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Mike's Photos From The Road #149
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instead of palm trees the indigenous trees of a desert grew on this beach.
the chairs on which we spent an entire day...doing nothing.
a fisherman pulled this fish from the sea, i picked it out of a crowd, and then i ate everything except its bones.
nice work, huh?
some lazy people took a boat back to "downtown" taganga when the sun began to set. we hoofed it back up over the small hill.
the sun sets on taganga.
nico and kathryn from germany posing in front of the colorful terrace of la casa de felipe, our hostel in taganga.
ben and nico hanging in our room.
me outside our room.
one night everyone from the hostel went out to the one bar together (la garaje.) kathryn was showing me a video of her trip when i snapped this picture - she was happy about it.
this italian guy drank too much rum and then passed out on the table. shortly after taking this picture he dragged himself back to his room...but somehow he ended up at the bar later. that's it from taganga.
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