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Mike's Photos From The Road #15
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anyone who knows me well knows i am not a big fan of franchises; i think they will eventually chase all personality and originality out of our cities and towns. this is the first mcdonald's to open in the USSR. i remember this opening, the tremendous news coverage it received in the united states - this is where the spread of mcdonald's began. remember the song frank sinatra always sang? "moscow, moscow. if you make it here, you'll make it anywhere"...or something like that. to me, this is like seeing a picture of the guy shooting the first dodo bird - the beginning of something really, really shitty.
pushkin square, one of my favorite places in moscow. i spent a lot of time here reading my dostoyevsky book, the idiot, at one of the outdoor cafes. you could buy a half liter of beer here for 66 cents (american). as a standard of comparison, in copenhagen, denmark the same beer at a similar cafe costs $10.
the ivan the great bell tower in the kremlin, built in 1508. before the 20th century it was forbidden to build anything in moscow taller than the tower. it is visible from 30km away.
the golden domes of the terem palace inside the kremlin. i tried to get inside but they threw me out.
the symbol of the soviet union, the sickel and hammer, can still be found throughout russia. here is one etched into the walls of the kremlin.
the presence of two armed guards with canons behind them means: DO NOT ENTER. the kremlin.
step off hound, i'm not sharing my fish. a fountain in moscow.
at this outdoor art market i saw paintings that should be hanging in a museum. the artisits were selling their work for really cheap. what does it take to "make it"? what did rembrandt do? monet? many of the artists here are as good as those famous painters in my opinion.
much of russia is dark and bleak, but in every city i've visited i've found buildings colored in spectacular shades. here is one in moscow.
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