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Mike's Photos From The Road #150
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from tuesday march 28 to sunday april 2, 2006, i sailed from cartagena, colombia to el provenir, panama on the caribbean sea aboard a 12 meter (40 foot) yacht (filao II.) our captain was a frenchman named lucas who is sailing around the world for four years. i joined five other backpackers on the voyage, paying $250 for the six-day trip. it was incredible, as these nine galleries of photos will surely confirm.
the captain has his maps ready for the sea voyage.
and i am ready with my cuban cigars and caribbean rum (although i am drinking a dutch beer in this pic.) as we sailed, i sipped rum, smoked cubans, and listened to bob marley - the only proper approach to a sail in the caribbean.
we stopped at the petrol dock for water, gas, and diesel fuel...and for one other thing: to pick up marie from france who, for some troubling, inexplicable reason, was smuggling herself out of colombia - she avoided customs by climbing a barbed-wire fence far from the view of club nautico, the yacht club. when she made it over the fence, the captain ran his dingy out to retrieve her.
the people attending the petrol dock saw nothing wrong with the whole situation so i forgot about it.
the beers were going down well as departure time approached. i switched from heineken to club colombia, a great local beer.
after one disturbingly rough night at sea, i woke to a fantastic sunrise over the caribbean.
three passengers forgot to pack their sea-legs. shalev, from israel, and the biggest bitch i have ever met in my life, from sweden, are lying on the deck as the waves toss around their stomachs. sorry, shalev: hope you feel better soon. ha ha, biggest-bitch-i-have-ever-met: i hope an octopus boards the ship and sucks your ugly face off.
the captain adjusting the jib as the wind howls. many of my shots are crooked because the ship was wrenching from side to side in the angry sea.
the jib whipping around in the charging wind.
skipping over the tops of the towering waves were these flying fish. on the first night, as i lay sleeping in the bed at the stern, one of these slimey fellas flew into the open window and landed on my back.
the captain relaxing on the ship. lucas, of cannes, france, sailing around the world for four years.
land ho! the first time we saw land for 40+ hours.
our first look at the san blas islands. a few of the islands are inhabited by the kuna people who maintain the islands as a comarca, an autonomous community. the san blas are technically part of panama but the kuna govern the islands themselves, and no one but kuna can own land there. there are very, very few tourists and almost no development on the islands except for the few islands on which the kuna live. a magical, unique place.
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