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Mike's Photos From The Road #151
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getting closer to the (mostly) uninhabited, pristine islands of the archipelago de san blas.
we anchored for the night just offshore of a small island...a swiss boat was anchored near us.
the swiss, apparently starved for conversation - as ocean-sailors often are - immediately jumped in their dingy and headed toward us for a chat.
they soon arrived.
as i dove off the deck, marie, from france, jumped in the water and swam toward the island.
i immediately realized that central america would be much like south america; there is always someone selling something. this boat pulled up to our port side shortly after we arrived - they were selling fish.
the captain inflating the dingy so we could visit some of the nearby islands.
shalev, from israel, on the dingy - he was extremely happy to not be on the open sea anymore. sea-sickness clobbered the poor guy.
before we headed to "la piscina" (spanish for "swimming pool"), we had to pick up ben, from england, who had swam to the island.
he walked out to us as we approached.
ben found a dead palm leave to shield his head from the pulsing tropical sun.
i was excited to see la piscina.
our first look at the amazing water of la piscina.
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