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Mike's Photos From The Road #152
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i had seen water like this in the movies but never under a boat i was riding in.
the color was shocking. i am shocked in this photo.
the contrast in color is because of the reef. the dark blue water is just over the reef, while the light blue is over sand only.
this photo is so beautiful that not even the presence of the-biggest-bitch-i-have-ever-met can ruin it. i love the water as much as i hate the bitch in this photo. i want to mention that i only use that nasty word in extreme cases. trust me: this horrible woman was worthy of the crudest vocabulary.
la piscina.
i was aching to get the snorkel equipment on to explore the reefs. the captain was looking for a good spot to land.
we slowly crept through the shallow water toward the beach.
an island paradise.
we landed and i was getting in position for a striking island pose as ben took this shot.
ben y el capitano en la isla.
yo en la piscina.
the captain (always smoking), shalev, marie, and the-biggest-bitch-i-have-ever-met near the dingy.
we headed back to the ship for dinner, passing more unreal islands on the way.
filao II, anchored and bobbing gently in the calm waters of the lagoon.
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