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Mike's Photos From The Road #153
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dinner aboard the ship.
nothing like having a french captain and cook. here's the captain serving dessert; pineapple grilled in rum. nice.
after two days and a night, we headed toward another island. we towed the dingy through the water as we slowly sailed toward the azucar village (the sugar village) an island inhabited by the kuna people.
ben was on rock spotting duty as we navigated the shallow waters.
the captain in the galley, searching his maps for the quickest route to the azucar village. maybe my favorite photo on this website.
once we were out of the lagoon and the waves grew strong shalev's stomach protested again. he could never get used to it.
behind that tiny island is the mainland of panama - this was the first time we saw it.
we anchored just offshore of the azucar village and headed ashore in the dingy. we followed a supply boat.
welcome to the kuna island of whargandup - the sugar village.
the street was empty until this chump walked into my photo. well, i guess it's his island.
they live in bamboo huts.
it is an incredible feeling to come to a place that does not often see white people. this girl was beside herself as ben and i walked down the main street of town. she could not contain her excitement. she squealed and squirmed and asked us several times to take photos of her. everyone on the island was friendly, affectionate, and quite fond of having their photos taken.
main, ummmm, street.
one by one, every person on the island approached us to have their picture taken.
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