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Mike's Photos From The Road #154
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two kuna boys.
ben in front of the sporting center, el centro deportivo, the recreation center on the island, which is also the bakery.
when they saw me taking photos, the women brought their babies to me. what in hell are you doing, mom?
the first girl that we met brought her entire family out for photos. her grandpa emerged from his hut and then stood perfectly straight for his photo after smoothing his clothes and combing his hair.
another photo of my biggest fan.
after i paid the island chief a dollar for the right to take photos, he offered to sell me this pineapple.
an instant celebrity because of my skin color.
i wandered past an open door and looked in, spotting some snacks for sale. i then noticed a refrigerator which i never believed would be functioning, but it was, and inside were cold drinks, something i had not had for four days on the ship. one drink in particular stood out to me: SQUIRT! my favorite soft drink in the world, which i had not even seen for TWO YEARS. i was so happy (and thirsty) i bought two and would not even share with the poor kids surrounding me. leave me and my squirt alone.
more kuna homes.
after snapping a photo, the subjects would swarm to you to look at the results. here is ben after taking a photo of several girls.
i took the same shot as ben. the women were quite stunning on the island.
shalev looking back at the basketball game.
me with some of my fans, watching the game.
the schedule of upcoming sporting events on the island.
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