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Mike's Photos From The Road #155
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every moment we were on the island we were surrounded by the curious, friendly kuna.
the star of the gringo show was this blonde french baby. another ship docked at the island and a french family came ashore. every woman on the island took turns holding the baby with the uncommon hair color.
i caught this little girl with a look of concern on her face.
the french suggested we visit the bar. the bar? there can't be a bar on this island?!?! but there was, and shalev rejoiced when we found it. on the bar sign, someone wrote: cerveza: 60 cents. that's all they had: beer for 60 american cents. the currency of the island, as in panama, is the u.s. dollar.
the captain and i enjoying a cold balboa beer in the bar with our fan club peering over the wall at us.
all of us in the bar.
some more kuna boys.
my admirer was always close by.
the parents passed the blonde baby around without concern but ocassionally the baby freaked out.
i bought some bread from the bakery but could never get a photo of me alone with it.
the kuna waving goodbye. this village is so infrequently visited by tourists that we all were delighted by our friendly reception but the non tourist-jaded inhabitants.
it was back out on to the open sea after that. we sailed for the mainland of panama, to el porvenir where there was an immigration office. here is ben looking out for rocks again.
ben and the satanic whore looking out to sea.
me, the satanic whore-hating guy, on the ship.
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