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Mike's Photos From The Road #156
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back out on the open sea the ship keeled severely again.
the captain unfurling the jib to increase our speed.
to panama!
when we reached the shores of el porvenir, our entry point to the mainland of panama and the end of our sea voyage, some kuna women rowed a canoe up to our ship, trying to sell us molas.
the captain, shalev, marie and i headed to shore in the dingy to get our passports stamped while the kuna women continued their salespitches to ben and the monstrous devil-woman on the ship.
shalev tying the dingy to the dock.
three kuna boats were docked there as well.
the immigration officers were swinging in hammocks below this tree as we walked up.
wow. i have never seen a border town quite like this. that's a volleyball court there!
shalev finding out that the office doesn't open for two more days. oops.
we headed across the runway towards the hotel to get a drink and think about our next move.
there was a tiny airport there and i took this picture of the one plane, not knowing that i would be getting on it the next morning at 6:30am.
shalev, marie, and the captain walking past the hotel/airport terminal to the bar/restaurant/convience store.
what they sell...exactly what i buy.
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