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Mike's Photos From The Road #157
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this is what the kuna women at our boat were selling: a mola. a very colorful hand-sewn piece of art. i bought a large one for $30.
shalev and i enjoying a cold beer at the bar.
the grounds of the hotel.
since the immigration office was closed, our best option was to fly on the tiny propellor plane to panama city, a 30 minute flight for $36. here is shalev signing us up.
ben, shalev, and i, all registered for the flight the next morning. we filled it out ourselves. can't do that very often.
another mola.
me on the runway i would go thundering down the next morning.
we headed back to the boat where another canoe was docked, this time selling freshly caught lobsters. a father and his infant daughter rowed between yachts trying to sell them.
both shots i took were great and i had trouble deciding which one to post, so i posted both.
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