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Mike's Photos From The Road #158
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eventually, of course, cantankerous shrew got chucked off the boat. here she is, steaming mad (even more so because i was taking her picture) waiting to be dumped on shore.
look at that face. don't you just want to rip her mouth open and stuff a dead shark in it? this is the worst human being i have ever met.
we all climbed into the dingy and made way for the shore to deposit her worthless hunk of flesh onto the island.
there were some cool plants on the island.
ben, marie, shalev, and the captain discussing the magnitude of the bitchiness of the swedish hell-bitch.
when we finally were rid of her, we went to the bar to celebrate with a few bottles of red wine. only problem was that we had no light to find our yacht again. here we are in the dingy with a drunk captain and no light.
of course we crashed. ben is still wearing a sling for his dislocated shoulder which he wrecked when we hit this reef.
the next morning we jumped on our plane and took off for the mainland. here is shalev in the rickety, nearly-empty plane.
the incredible caribbean from my window. goodbye archipelago de san blas. i agree with "them" when they claim that you are the most impressive islands in the world. here i come panama. panama, pana-maha! quoting david lee roth for the second time on this website.
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