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Mike's Photos From The Road #159
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jamming with john from canada at zuly's backpackers in panama city, panama. should have been playing "panama" by van halen but i suck too much to even attempt eddie van halen.
well, if you are in panama, you gotta go see the panama canal. the most interesting bit to see are the locks. welcome to the miraflores locks!
about 10 of these locomotives attach themselves to each traversing ship to keep it from banging against the sides of the locks.
there are three locks at miraflores, the last/first lock before/after the pacific ocean, depending on which way you are going.
workers walking over the locks on the bridge. i know i know, you want to see some ships...
here you go! this ship paid $86,000 to cross panama through the canal. it was coming from the atlantic, heading to the pacific.
the first of the three locks lowers the ship - the first step down from the canal to the pacific.
the ship in the third lock.
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