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Mike's Photos From The Road #16
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the trans-siberian railway is the generic name for the 3 train lines that run from european russia (moscow) to the far east: the trans-siberian which runs from moscow to vladivostok, russia; the trans-manchurian from moscow, around mongolia, to beijing, china; and the trans-mongolian from moscow through mongolia to beijing. i am riding the trans-mongolian in this picture. the ride takes 6 days, but can be broken up into different legs - i broke my trip into 3 legs, the first leg being from moscow to irkutsk, russia which took 3.5 days...here i am outside my car on day 1.
the train stops for 10-20 minutes every 4 or 5 hours. when it does, women selling food, beer, soft drinks, toys, etc. meet the train. here i am walking off the train, the entrepenuers right there waiting for me.
they often walk up to you with a box or a bag full of items that need refridgeration but aren't getting it. i bought packaged things only from these old birds.
then again, i'm sure a nice babushka like this wouldn't even think of poisoning me with rancid food or drink. notice her scarf? it's part of the standard uniform.
it's not all women hawking goods i guess: here are some mongolian fur traders.
this train, the trans-mongolian, travels between peking, china (beijing), ulan bataar, mongolia, and moscow, russia. here those cities are written in russian, chinese, and mongolian.
i jumped off the train at every stop for some fresh air and a stretch. here i am in a town called bayelzina.
i'm telling you, if we built a ramp right here it would make the long-ass ride a lot more exciting. believe me, the passengers would thank us for it.
step off man - i'm busy trying to write a best-seller. me in my 4-bed cabin during the journey over a third of the earth's surface.
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