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Mike's Photos From The Road #163
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i took a bus from panama to costa rica, and then headed to the beach town of cahuita. the streets of tiny, rastafarian cahuita are all made of dirt.
the locals take advantage of the dirt streets in which they can draw gameboards.
there is a national park in cahuita, comprised of jungle on the caribbean sea. as you walk along you see dozens of monkeys playing in the trees.
the twisting trees of the jungle stretch for the ocean in strange formations.
there's a great beach there too.
lizards scamper beneath your feet as you negotiate the narrow path through the jungle.
the ocassional crab crawls from the sea into the jungle.
at one point a river met with the sea.
me posing with the gnarled, fallen trees.
i sat on them too.
what do you think of my shoes?
plenty of palm trees around.
this one looked perfect for climbing.
i didn't make it very far, but i took a pretty cool picture.
when you are hanging out alone you need to be creative to get pictures of yourself. i'm looking at the man in the mirror.
at night i went to coco's bar and listened to live reggae. believe it or not, that's it for costa rica. i am traveling very quickly through central america.
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