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Mike's Photos From The Road #164
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so welcome to granada, nicaragua. here are the police casually walking down the streets with machine guns strapped across their backs.
i was on my way to this old church on the corner.
the facade of the old church.
i made it despite the assault-rifle toting cops.
see? i really did make it.
a woman and baby in front of the church.
yellow church looming over the central park.
you need a giant hat to combat the aggressive sun.
kid playing in the central park.
there were many old men sitting in the shade of their horsecarriages as their horribly malnourished and heat-exhausted horses suffered, tied to the front. i felt very emotional after seeing the ribs of the sick horses protruding through their skin. the lack of animal rights in the third world is appalling.
the women in nicaragua balance baskets of fruits and vegetables on their heads as they transport them across town.
i kept running ahead of this woman to get a nice shot of her. she was really truckin' along.
lots of churches in granada.
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