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Mike's Photos From The Road #165
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wall art in granada.
i found this painting of my sister-in-law connie and my nieces kennedy and cambell in granada.
vibrant colors, cool roofs, palm trees. they've got it all in granada.
this guy doesn't have it all though. he is very, very old, still working, carrying a heavy load on his back and appearing to be in a lot of pain.
there was some sort of declaration written on this wall.
i wandered into a classy place for a burger and a coke light.
calle el cisne.
the window of a bar in granada.
i wish i had a hat. anyone know where i can buy one?
another church. actually the same from earlier. but here it is again.
in granada this thing is on a wall somewhere. check it out if you ever go there.
i gotta find one of these artists to come home and paint the walls of my house - if i ever have a house.
a group of us headed to the monkey hut, the lake home of the people who own the bearded monkey hostel in granada. we spent the day swimming in lake aroyo, which is in the crater of a volcano.
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