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Mike's Photos From The Road #167
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the two new friends i made in leon.
they introduced me to two of their friends. i had four friends in leon.
i wandered around the city at sunset looking for photo opportunities. fortunately for me there was a crazy man praying in front of an old yellow church which the sun was brilliantly painting with light.
All my life I wanted to make it to the top
(That's word,we pray)
Some said I wouldn't
They told me no,but I didn't stop
(That's word,we pray)
Working hard,making those movies everyday
(That's word,we pray)
And on my knees every night,you know I pray

whoever said m.c. hammer couldn't write great lyrics?
now pray for me, m.c. this is the hostel i had to stay in.
look! i did make some REAL friends too! here's nick, from england, and marcus, from sweden, hanging in the via via hostel in leon.
and mali, from norway.
nick modeling the kind of sunglasses you'd only ever wear on the road.
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