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Mike's Photos From The Road #168
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the following photos are quite disgusting but i am traveling to experience the cultures of the world, so i took them and am posting them. on easter sunday 2006 several us from the hostel went to the cock-fights in leon, nicaragua. it was pretty horrible, but it's a major part of the culture of nicaragua, so i watched and learned.
at the farm they set up tables for us, brought out a million beers and a bunch of food. we sat around and got ready for the fights. that's johanna, from sweden, nick again, and some dumb ass.
danielle, from england, was there as well, hiding a hangover behind some elvis sunglasses.
me, nick, and marcus, feeling good.
lots of beer, lots of laughs. that's the cock-fighting ring in the background. mali was the only one who noticed me taking this photo. sometimes being a backpacker feels like being a celebrity because people are constantly taking photos of you and what you are doing.
i got to hold a contestant before the fighting started.
old man on the edge of the ring, waiting for the fights to begin.
so onto the fights. they start by pissing the roosters off, waving a chicken in their faces.
they piss them both off equally.
it doesn't take long before the roosters are pretty beat up. here is one choking on his own blood.
it's ironic how much concern these guys show for the rooster after he gets battered around. they will do anything to nurse him back to health just so he can get his ass kicked some more.
like this guy. he's is doing two things: sucking the blood out of the roosters neck and spitting it out, and blowing air into the roosters lungs.
after two fights there we walked across town to a bigger ring. on the way this little boy came up to look at the strange guy wandering through his neighborhood.
this ring seated a lot more people. we got there just as this guy was breathing air and spitting blood for his rooster.
close-up of that last picture.
this guy's bird was really getting pummelled...he kept having to breath for it and repair it's broken parts.
this fighter was in rough shape but, believe it or not, kept fighting.
they are tying a splint on his broken leg as the owner holds his mouth open so he can breath more easily.
each fight lasts 15 minutes. this guy is indicating that time is up after that fat white guy in the previous photos claimed that the fight ended early. i think your rooster had enough, tubby.
if you aren't into watching grown men (the audience was 99% men) cheer on murderous animals you could play other table games. i played this once but instantly lost 50 cordobas (about $3) without any explanation of why.
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