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Mike's Photos From The Road #169
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onto honduras. i took this picture from the front of the bicycle taxi that was carting my lazy ass over the border from nicaragua.
me (ugly, ugly me) and the dude.
since i was going back to honduras i only spent a day there. i went to el salvador next, to perquin, to see the ravages of the war.
i toured the war museum and saw a familiar plea.
this wreckage is of a shot-down chopper.
this was a bogus radio station which drew the attention of the chopper...that was subsequently shot down.
perquin is in the mountains.
some great views up there.
another look. that is honduras in the distance.
a lot of the heaviest fighting ocurred on this hillside above perquin. here i am standing in a bomb crater.
the guerillas dug several trenches which are still there.
impacto de bomba - a bomb crater.
the army still trains up there. a good spot for it because it sure feels like a war-zone.
looking down on perquin.
lots of fox-holes around still too.
i crawled inside one.
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