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Mike's Photos From The Road #171
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would you be excited to get on this bus? would you even ride on this bus? you would have to if you wanted to travel through western honduras. this is about as good as they have. american school buses go here to die. many of the buses still have the school names painted on the side. the bus drivers pimp their rides out, even naming their rides. this bus is called the "jennifer larissa" as you may be able to read at the bottom of the windshield.
there's the owner (and driver) of the jennifer larissa now! the 17 year old kid in the yellow shirt and sideways baseball hat. look at the sticker on the back that says "racing." they love putting stickers on their buses, and they love to race each other over the bumpy, winding, rocky mountain roads of honduras. do you remember riding these buses? do you remember how uncomfortable the seats were? even less so when you are screaming down a pot-holed road through the mountains...
his pimped-out gear-shift and seat.
your alternative to the schoolbus.
i rode jennifer larissa for three hours.

it cost me $1.25.

i finally got off her in gracias, honduras. she was cheap, nasty, and a little too rough for my taste but she got the job done.

anyway, the town's name was shortened from gracias a dios (thanks to god) to gracias without anyone even asking my opinion. no one gives a shit what i say...especially jennifer. she didn't even say goodbye as i walked away - she just let a whole bunch of new people jump on her.
a street in gracias.
iglesia de san marcos, the church of saint mark.
cowboys hanging out in central park. lots of cowboys in honduras.
one of two abandoned churches i saw in gracias. no thanks, god.
woman displaying the latest fashion in hat-wear: a dish towel.
when i have no one to hang out with and i get a little bored i start taking pictures using my cameras timer. it's fun for brainless idiots like me.
does this work? i can't tell.
how about this one?
another quick question: will you eat at a restaurant that has their menu painted on the outside wall?
and this ladder...do you want to climb it?
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