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Mike's Photos From The Road #172
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on the other side of gracias i found another abandoned church. so i decided to take a bunch of pictures of me in front of it. this series of three photos is coming to a art gallery near you very soon.
photo #2 in the stunning series.
and the third, this time with some typical curious locals...the kind that follow my stupid ass all around town.
how about one of someone else before i start taking pictures of myself again?
these two-tone walls just do something for me. i can't explain it, but i like 'em.
ok what pose for this picture? hmmmmm, what pose? i can't think of anything cool so i will do something stupid instead.
the castelo above gracias.
the driver of this cab wasn't waiting to take someone somewhere or dropping someone off, he was just loafing at the castle...about as worthless a worker as me.
let's walk up and have a look.
those towers are cool.
gracias is surrounded by the highest mountains of honduras.
and that view down to gracias isn't too bad. ok, enough. let's go to copan ruinas and see some mayan ruins for the first time in my life.
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