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Mike's Photos From The Road #173
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i visited the ruins of copan in copan ruinas, honduras, the first mayan ruins i have seen in my life. loved 'em, but since i did not splurge for a guide i don't know too much about what i saw...so i am going to let michael patton from faith no more teach you all about these incredible mayan ruins through his interesting lyrics.
Things worked out better than we had planned
Capital from boy, woman and man
We were like ink and paper
Numbers on a calculator
Knew arithmetic so well
Working overtime completed what was assigned
We had to multiply ourselves
A bouncing little baby
A shiny copper penny
And he spent himself
Would not listen to us
But when he lost his appetite
He lost his weight in friends
Baby became a fat nickel so fast
Then came puberty
Soon our boy became a million
People loved him so
And helped him to grow
Everyone knew the thing that was best
Of course, he must invest
A penny won't do
Nooooo, a penny won't do, nooooooooo
A penny won't do
Noooooo, a penny won't do
But he made us proud
He made us rich
But how were we to know
He's counterfeit
(guitar solo)
Now everything's ruined, yeahhh, now everything's ruined
yeahhhh, now everything's ruined
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