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Mike's Photos From The Road #174
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page #2 of the copan ruinas photos, this time narrated with some random snippets from my head that mostly have nothing to do with the photos above them.
holy shit! did you lose a foot in honduras?!?!?!
i am actually slightly nervous about returning home.
it's been almost 26 months since i have been there. i will be back in about two weeks, but it seems hard to believe. i am very excited to see my friends and family and to eat some good pizza.
(i'm chewing my nails right now.)
so i am planning on moving to argentina for a year, starting january 2007. i've been thinking about that a lot recently.
how about that? in one caption i say i am anxious to get home, in another i am talking about leaving again.
argentina is so cool, so nice, so friendly, and you can live there for nothing practically. live well. my favorite country outside the united states.
i'll teach english there, in an institute and privately. will become fluent in spanish as well.
i have more friends from argentina than i do from canada, the country right next door to my home.
just really connected to the place. especially to the steaks.
there is only one country on earth with friendler people than argentina: brasil. nicest damn people in the whole world.
new zealand is way up there too. really friendly people there.
i like friendly people.
in general, the people in central america have not been that friendly, although here they seem nicer - which is odd because this is a tourist zone.
often times in tourist zones they are jaded and hate you before you even get off the bus.
everyone here hates me.
absolutely everyone.
except these two guys.
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