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Mike's Photos From The Road #177
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let's go check out a volcano. we haven't done that yet and we're doing everything out here, right? there's one now: pacaya, just outside antigua, guatemala.
that motherfucker is active, mike the nomad, might want to move forward a bit.
i just referred to myself in the third person. hold on, i'm going to climb up here to find a lava pit to jump into.
man that thing is ominous.
look at the steam rising off that lava.
my back was on fire during this picture.
the flowing lava cracked, popped, and hissed as it slithered down the volcano.
we kept getting closer to watch the lava flow.
the oven steaming behind me. i had to watch my step to not end up part of the soup.
it piled up against the opposite mountain from which we were viewing it.
i don't know what to say for this photo.
i was practically right on top of it.
there it is.
two americans i was on the day-trip with, taking it all in.
it would almost have been worth dying just to see the top come ripping off in a fiery explosion.
lava is your friend. touch it.
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