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Mike's Photos From The Road #178
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onto the second mayan site of my life, tikal, guatemala. tikal was once the largest, grandest, most powerful city in the mayan empire. i would have happily lived there if i was born 2700 years ago. check out my photos and then go see it for yourself. you must.
i hired a guide for the day but it's hard to remember much of what he said because i had my camera glued to my face the whole time, so, as i often do, i'll just say a bunch of stupid things beneath the photos. here's the first pyramid we saw.
oh, since tikal is in the jungle, wildlife is abundant. check out these raccoon type things.
when you walk from one pyramid to the next there are always howler and spider monkeys swinging through the trees overhead.
in star wars, return of the jedi, the ewoks had this same view...the pyramids of tikal poking through the jungle canopy.
here's an ewok now.
some people claim that the ewoks were as annoying, if not more, than jar jar banks, that horrible character in the first "new" star wars.
jar jar banks was the most annoying character in movie history. almost as annoying as handing your camera to someone who can't frame a picture correctly. i actually use my timer more often than other people for my photos. i guess i am a snob in this regard.
i'm not a snob. i take that back. but i just like a well-framed picture. is that a lot to ask?
think about that while i climb these ridiculously steep steps.
wait, weren't the mayans tiny people? why did they make these steps so god damn big then?
i found an elevator and took that to the top.
good thing too because who in their right mind would climb down stairs like that?
the elevator broke and i hesitated by looking around at the unreal scenery.
this kid didn't want to do it either.
nor the guy next to him.
nah, that's all bullshit...you know i love trying to kill myself accidently.
looking back up at what i just climbed down.
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