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Mike's Photos From The Road #179
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one more page of the stunning ruins of tikal in guatemala.
it's like your brain just shuts off so it doesn't explode when seeing things like this.
to see something like this just sitting there amongst the thick trees of the jungle...man. two years on the road and i am still shocked now and then.
i hope palenque is half as cool (i'm going there tomorrow.) it's in mexico. more ruins. hope you aren't sick of pyramid pictures because you'll be seeing a lot more really really soon.
remember those volcano shots a couple pages back? i think the mayans got the idea for the pyramid by all the volcanoes which surround their cities. just my theory. i am stupid though...hmmmmmmmmmm.
this is what it looks like from up there.
the guide lead us through the city. we were on our way to the grand plaza.
not every building is a pyramid.
mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. (ignore me.)
the grand plaza. where the mayans threw the big parties.
i'll bet there were some awesome bashes. probably better than carnvale in rio de janeiro. that's not saying much though.
so we headed to the granda plaza for one grand reason: the jaguar temple. the jewel of tikal. check it out.
had seen about 20 pyramids before this one but i was still knocked silly. i mean, are you kidding me?
photoshop can make it seem like you were actually there.
the acropolis is in the grand plaza also.
but that jaguar temple just sucks you back in. look at me. look at me.
i felt stupid just getting in the picture with it. it's like a bum in a picture with a super-model.
ok, i'm getting out of here before every other building in the world is just an ugly pile of rocks to me.
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