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Mike's Photos From The Road #18
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a statue of vladimir lenin under the overcast skies of irkutsk, the capital of siberian russia
janine contemplates spending the rest of her life with corey, a man who removes his clothing after too many vodka shots. they were on their honeymoon having recently tied the knot in england. notice the guy in the back with his shirt off? even the help got into the act - vodka is a dangerous, cheap substance throughout russia. this is on the leg of the trans-siberain railway from irkutsk, russia to ulaan baatar, mongolia
first in a series. russell from perth, australia threw my aerobie on top of the train as we were stopped at the russia/mongolia border. i decided to climb up to get it...
got it....
....but wait....oh shit....who are those guys running towards me yelling at me in russian? those aren't the cops are they?
yep. it was the cops. they confiscated my camera and everyone else's. after pleading and admitting my extreme stupidity, they returned my camera. when scrolling through the photos i noticed some that i had not taken. these idiots took pictures of themselves and the next 4 photos display their fine work. yes, these are the russian police. scarier than most criminals, aren't they?
come on, smile! shit, i cut your head off, let me take another one, hold on....
there. that's better. lovely smile in that one, yuri.
what is this alexi? it appears to be some sort of magic imaging device. i'll bet that idiot who climbed our train would pay good money to get this back.....
russell, the professor from perth, australia who threw my aerobie on the roof of the train stands in the middle, his wife on the right, and corey on the left. this was taken just after successfully crossing the mongolian border, everyone still possessing their cameras, aerobies, and freedom.
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