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Mike's Photos From The Road #180
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the mayan ruins at palenque, mexico. it was 12,000 degrees (celsius) there that day. i walked the grounds with a kiwi named chris. we didn't get a guide so i don't know much about what i saw...so here comes the bullshit.
first look at the pyramids of palenque. lot more people here than at tikal...probably because it was a sunday. and it was free to get in that day. and the first 200 people in the doors got a free mummified mayan head to take home.
it was so hot that ice cream was melting.
wait...that last caption was not witty at all. let me try again.
it was so hot that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.
ok, now that last caption was worse than non-witty it was a cliche. i hate cliches and will never use one again. let me try something funny and witty and unique.
it was so hot that, uhhh, ummmmm, that chris my kiwi traveling buddy knelt down to take a picture.
that last one was no good either. ok, it was so hot that this guy was calling, uhhhhh, calling...someone. shit.
ok, here's one: it was so hot that even ugly chicks looked pretty. no? no.
again: it was so hot that ... no, another approach, it was hotter than the steering wheel of a car parked on the sun.
it was hotter than a monkey, uhhhh, ummm, eating a, ummmmm, chile covered, uhhhh, flaming banana, ummmmm, while sitting on an asphalt street in, uhhhhh, las vegas. in july. on a hot day. damn.
ok, i can do this. i can do this. it was hotter than...no i can't.
yes i can: it was hotter than two naked supermodels wrestling in boiling oil. fuck.
i got it! it was so hot that it melted the part of my brain that used to be funny! hey hey!
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