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Mike's Photos From The Road #182
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here it is...the last photo gallery of my website. the first eight photos are from one of my last stops on the trip, san cristobol de las casas, mexico, a gorgeous colonial town in the mountains of chiapas, mexico. the next few warped photos are of my niece kennedy who deleted the final 200 pictures off my camera, including shots of mexico city, me crossing the mexico/u.s. border, me at the alamo in san antonio, texas, and austin, texas! arggghhh! the very last shot is of me reunited happily in south lyon, michigan with the people i missed the most during my 26 month journey; my nephew conner, and three of my nieces, cambell, kennedy, and kerigan.
even though this guy was glued to this colorful tiled wall in san cristobol de las casas mexico, he happily welcomed me to his beautiful town.
the last picture of me taken outside the u.s....hanging out in a city square.
the square i was hanging out in.
the streets of this magnificent colonial town.
the main square in town.
another look.
indians from the surrounding mountains filled the streets selling their arts and crafts.
the amber bracelet i bought for $10.
this is the spot where you would see many more photos of san cristobol or mexico city or other great places i saw, but my niece kennedy was fooling around with my camera and deleted the last 300 photos of my trip! so as a payback, here are weird pictures i took of kennedy with the camera on my new macbook laptop.
kennedy, you were a cute little seven year old when i left...what happened?!?!?!
i shouldn't talk - i don't look that good either.
kennedy and i made up and decided to have our faces melted together.
of course i wasn't angry at her...i missed her to death while out on the road. here i am on the couch in south lyon, michigan, back home in the u.s., with my favorite people on planet earth (from left to right): cambell, kennedy, kerigan (baby), and conner. so that is it...thanks for coming around-the-world with me. did you enjoy it? it looks even better through your own eyes - i recommend that you go see it for yourself!

keep on keepin' on,
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