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Mike's Photos From Home #183
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these photos have nothing to do with my trip, but my brother-in-law took professional photos of my drawings today so i am posting them here. there are two pages over which you can observe the clear evolution of this short-lived hobby of mine. enjoy.
ok, this is number one. i was in the art institute of chicago one day looking at a painting by george seurat, he of the pointillism school. i decided to create my own style of pointillism using a black sharpie marker and colored pencils. i cannot draw "real" things so i planned to draw abstract patterns. here is my first go.
for picture number two i tried to draw something real despite just saying that i cannot. this is supposed to be a river.
moving away from the dots, going with bigger circles.
larger circles in comet-tail patterns.
multi-colored circles with strange appendages. got sorta an alien thing going on here.
"the invasion" - back to the dot patterns for the grass and a return of things from the previous drawing. i hope to never gaze out my window at this scene.
very plain drawing but the next step in the evolution. the next page is where things start getting interesting. check it out. please. i have kids to feed. (no i don't.)
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