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Mike's Photos From Home #184
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my brother-in-law's professional pictures of my drawings. page two - the more interesting page.
i abandon the dots all together and start drawing weird patterns and shapes and covering it all with vibrant color. this is the beginning of what is now my style. sorry dots.
wave pattern in the background, square patterns in the foreground. shapes and lots of color.
i cut out an oblong pattern for a "frame" and then draw alien-like heads inside, all fused together but facing away from each other, my commentary on relationships - so close but often emotionally distant. these guys would come back in a later drawing.
i wrote a poem to an ex-girlfriend that she asked me to turn into a drawing - here's what i came up with. the first letter of her name is in this drawing.
the wave pattern in the background returns, this time with square, multi-colored boxes in the foreground.
those distant guys again.
an unfinished drawing consisting of bizzare patterns filled with certain color-schemes.
another unfinished drawing. on the bottom are the snow-capped mountain peaks which i used to doodle on all my notes in high school. above them is a scene that didn't work until i added all the vines and square patterns between. now it works, i think. my full name is jumbled throughout this drawing...
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