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Mike's Photos From The Road #2
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andrew and i went to paris on the train from london for about five days. we stayed with locals the entire time. here are two of our gracious hosts, stephanie and jojo, posing with me in their parisian flat.
another of our hosts, elodie, in her flat.
and our final host, claire, in her flat.
andrew was very excited before one of our home-cooked feasts.
stephanie and jojo's apartment before the excellent dinner.
everyday andrew and i wandered the streets of paris. we headed for sacre couer, sacred heart, the magnificent white church on top of montmartre.
one of the lovely little shops on montmartre.
posing in front of a flower shop.
andrew, me, and claire at a park in paris.
me on the top of the eiffel tower.
sacre couer at night, as seen from our host's apartment roof.
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