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Mike's Photos From The Road #20
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a few times on the trip through the gobi desert we'd stop in a town to buy water, noodles, snacks, etc. i would explore the sidestreets taking in the sights of these fascinating places. here is a group of taxis, mongolian style, waiting for the next fare...
maybe eating camel meat wasn't such a good idea afterall - i feel like i am melting into the wall behind me. hanging out on my bed in the ger getting experimental with my photography...
the sky is constantly a remarkable clear blue in mongolia. on day 4 the mountains started poking up out of the ground and i climbed the first one i could.
camels, wild horses, goats, sheep, and yaks swarmed the gobi. here 3 yaks chill out streamside.
we needed a 4-wheel drive and a professional driving it to safely cross the treacherous gobi. we were driving through a river when otto made us get out so he could slowly sneak the van through a crack in the stone cliffs.
one day you are eating a camel, the next day you are riding one. here is my view as guust, chantal, and i ride over the sand dunes of the gobi.
a mongolian "road" twists through the mountains. there was no highway system through the desert - just worn tracks over the smoothest routes, or, if not, our driver made his own.
one day while in a town i went out adventuring and wandered into a dormitory or school or i'm-not-quite-sure-what. i was instantly surrounded by children extremely curious about their white-skinned visitor. i wrote my name on a pad of paper and they all scrambled to read it. they could say "hello", "my name is ...", "how are you?", a few key english phrases. they all had their 3 phrase conversations with me and then i left, to the emphatic shouts of "bye-bye! bye-bye!"
hungry? well here's a cafe inside a trailer in a typical mongolian desert town.
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