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Mike's Photos From The Road #21
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we stayed one night in a ger that was on a ranch. just love the sky in this picture.
the ranch gave us access to this canyon and to the waterfall at the far end of it. the sun was setting and lit the top of the canyon with some great light.
the waterfall was thundering one day and frozen the next. here it is frozen but still quite cool because as the sun came up large melting chunks fell from the frozen flow and dramatically crashed into the water below.
pictures can never really make you appreciate the size of an animal or a mountain, but here i try anyway. that bird is a vulture which is the largest bird i have ever seen. as we raced across the desert we saw black things standing tall on the horizon, not knowing what they were until we got close. they were a group of vultures waiting for something to fall over dead so they could have a meal. they would take off as our van approached and i felt as if i was watching large planes speed down an airport runway. man are they huge! i'd say they are 2 meters tall.
here we are stopped for a lunch break on the edge of a gorge. we often had friendly competitions during our trip and i had just won the "who can throw a rock all the way to the other side of the gorge?" competition as i took this shot. from the left, soek mee, anael, hamish, guust, and chantal enjoy their lunch as i enjoy my win.
we also threw things at each other whenever possible. here hamish and anael pack snowballs for a fight high above white lake.
seok mee checks out the view as the sun sets on white lake.
yaks grazing at the lakeside as i stand on the cliff above the shore.
we invented new games or played old ones with makeshift equipment. here hamish uses a table leg as a bat awaiting the pitch of the stone baseball from guust.
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