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Mike's Photos From The Road #26
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charlotte smiles at me through a pile of yanjing beers at the far east asia hostel in beijing as we waited to leave for the train station for a train to pingyao, china. 650ml of beer for 25 cents american.
the woman in the bunk below me rests during the 14 hour train ride from beijing to pingyao.
walking down the misty streets of pingyao, china.
marie points down the street in pingyao. camilla is to the left and charlotte to the far left. our guide for the day, mr. liu, looks on in his green military jacket. 3 other curious people wonder what the westerners are doing...
marie from norway tries on some ridiculous glasses and plays it off like the final scene from sunset boulevard - i am ready for my closeup.
mr. liu is a local pingyao resident who takes foreignors on cheap walking tours. here we are touring the inside of someone's home.
mr. liu took us into a local elementary school to teach a bit of english. neil from england and i paused just inside the courtyard for a picture in the mirror.
neil and marie lead the kids in an english lesson. they were all very anxious pupils, keeping their attention could not have been easier.
pingyao is surrounded by a wall and on halloween, october 31st, neil and i climbed the stairs to the top and walked it. fireworks continually exploded off in the distance during our walk - i am quite sure they weren't celebrating halloween but they were celebrating something....
the chinese are often extremely curious about anything westerners do while in their town. they are also very friendly so your encounters with the locals are usually very pleasant experiences. neil and i were followed on the wall by 3 local kids and they were thrilled when i stopped them, grouped them together, and snapped this shot.
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