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Mike's Photos From The Road #27
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neil reads a review of mr liu's guided tours written by an englishmen. when we walked out of our hostel in pingyao, china, mr. liu came up to us, asked us where we were from, and then produced written testimonials from our countrymen about his walking tours. we decided to start after lunch and so, to make sure he didn't lose us, he joined us at the restaurant. the dude went from table to table as the patrons left and ate their remaining food. he cleaned out the bowls of the entire restaurant - i lost my appetite and so mr. liu finished mine too. i swear the guy hadn't had something to eat since chairman mao last barked out commands.
building a coffin in pingyao. it was just my size but apparently wasn't for me.
if you are too lazy to walk the wall around pingyao you can hire this guy to haul you around it on his bicycle - you just have to wake him up first.
the last picture of the last gallery (#22) shows the 3 kids who followed neil and i around the wall. i decided to pose for a picture with them. here i am not quite ready, trying to adjust my hair perfectly for a memorable shot when neil snaps it. the posed shot sucks, here's the "real" shot.
from the top of the wall one could look down into the courtyards of the homes of pingyao.
neil and i met krista from alberta, canada at the end of our walk. here they are talking at the southern gate as i check if we can get off the wall at this point.
the people in china often sit outside their homes and watch the daily life around them. here is an empty chair waiting for a watcher.
you could rent this guy's horse to explore the streets of pingyao. later one guy did and terrified everyone by thundering down the cobblestone streets at kentucky derby winning pace.
wait......what?!?!?! i developed a wrist problem in beijing and then it worsened in xi'an, china so i got the best treatment 40 american cents could buy - cardboard and gauze. this story deserves a spot in random thoughts #8.
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