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Mike's Photos From The Road #3
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i went to copenhagen, denmark for a long weekend to visit my ex-girlfriend stephanie. here is perhaps the most recognizable street in scandinavia: nyhavn in copenhagen.
i'm about to take a canal tour of copenhagen!
this is the dude you have to deal with if you get rowdy outside the radhus, or city hall.
gotta love wireless internet. here i am in a cafe in front of city hall. lance armstrong bracelet, garden state parkway t-shirt, tickling the keys of my pretty little machine....
copenhagen city hall. there is a constant parade of marriages going on inside.
stephanie lived right across the street from a castle. here is rosenborg castle in the middle of a large, green park.
the queen's got a pretty nice place right on the water.
pretty cool statues of jesus's posse outside a church.
the lights of tivoli, an amusement park in the middle of copenhagen.
we took a roadtrip to southeastern denmark to the island of mon. i was on the island when i came across a rock with my hometown scratched into it. the arrow even pointed correctly toward chicago! (all lies - i wrote this on the rock with the chalk from the cliffs.)
mons klint, or the cliffs of mon, on the island of mon in denmark. the cliffs are made of chalk, some of which i used to write on the rock in the previous photo.
the water at the base of the cliffs looks like milk from the dissolving chalk.
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