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Mike's Photos From The Road #30
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the first photo off the back deck of the boat down the yangtze river. the boat cruising next to us looked just like our boat. the 3 norwegians, neil and i traveled from the city of chongqing to yaching for 3 nights and 3 days on this boat. the boat stopped occasionally at small towns or to tour sights such as the 3 gorges. this, after the great wall, was my favorite experience in china. all the following photos were taken during the 3 day journey.
john from oregon was the only other westerner on the boat so we quickly met him. here he is playing cards on the stern deck.
john snaps a picture of the stone pagoda, a buddhist temple built into a cliff on the riverside.
to make it to the stone pagoda you have to make it through the gauntlet of people selling food, souvenirs, beer, and junk from their stands which line the only road. well they do sell some very useful things too like chess sets, one of which john bought and we later used at a table on the stern deck while the yangtze carried us along. i got my ass kicked.
i climbed to the top of the stone pagoda and took this picture of the yangtze out of the circular window.
despite the innocent look on his face, john is about to dismantle me in the first game played on his new chess board. back on the boat continuing the lazy float downriver...
china has built a dam that will flood the entire area we cruised down up to 175 meters. entire villages will be submerged. the weight of all the built up water is supposed to be so massive that time will apparently be altered - a year will be one second longer. anyway, the boat continually passes under new bridges like this one that rise high above the eventual flood level.
on day 3, we docked in a town and transfered to a smaller boat to tour the narrow parts of the 3 little gorges. we snaked through the thin water way with cliffs like this rising on both banks.
we stopped along the way for a hike up to the top of a cliff for a spectacular view over the river. along the way up vendors lined the walkway selling food. how about a deep-fried bird with a stick jammed up its ass? no? me neither - i got potatoes on a stick.
high up in the gorge, sitting on the fence with, from the left, marie, charlotte, and camilla.
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