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Mike's Photos From The Road #31
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continuing on the 3 gorges tour (from gallery #26)...we transfered to even smaller boats when the canyon closed in tighter on the river...
john gets real comfortable on the ride through the narrow canyon despite the red sign under his head that said "don't even think about going past this sign."
we were treated to haunting, high-pitched music that bounced off the solid canyon walls and took on savage tones as the notes vibrated off the moist tropical vegetation. i felt like our boat cruised into the past as well as into breathtaking scenery.
at maggie's youth hostel in shanghai, china we met 3 irish blokes and tore it up one night in the lobby. they couldn't get enough of camilla although they could never get her name straight so resorted to calling her "matilda" instead. then, of course, they sang "waltzing matilda" over and over with heavily slurred voices. great guys who we will celebrate new year's with in thailand although I could never get THEIR names straight. i think they were all named andrew.
england, ireland, canada, and the united states all having a great time together in shanghai.
but some englishmen and all chinese cats shut down a little earlier than the rest of us...
a freshly minted 33 year old hoists his day's transportation on his shoulder. hadn't cycled much since my 5 month adventure through europe so on my birthday, november 15, neil and i rented a couple of old bikes and careened through the hectic streets of shanghai.
neil's bike was a lemon. the left pedal fell off, the handlebars snapped, and the paint gave him the shingles (that last one is a lie - it gave him hives.) anyway, there is always a repairman around in china so not far down the road we found a guy with brand-new pedals and the tools to put them on. for $2.50, this guy sold neil and new pedal and put it on for him, right there on the sidewalk.
beautiful day on my birthday in shanghai. we rode to the bund, an area of the city right on the river where great views of the skyline are visible.
neil got a birthday present of his own; his first guinness in 2 months. he practically wrecked his bike completely when we finally found the blarney stone irish pub that we had spent 3 days looking for...
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