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Mike's Photos From The Road #32
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very fitting that i celebrated my first overseas birthday with an international crowd: norway, u.s.a., sweden, south africa, england, and germany were all represented by the folks surrounding me at windows bar in shanghai, china.
marie sitting across from me at windows.
camilla and neil getting into the drinks.
marie and neil feeling the groove.
we played some violent games. often times we just slapped each other. the girls would slap as hard as possible but of course neither neil nor i were allowed to unleash. here is marie throwing a slap at camilla. my birthday got really rowdy.
during a bacgammon game (that i won) on the train from shanghai to hong kong marie got some help from a local.
i arrived in hong kong and immediately got online wirelessly to let my pal dave calkins know i had arrived.....would we meet up?
yes indeed! here we are on top of "the peak" overlooking hong kong.
the view behind us.
dave takes in the view.
we walked through hong kong park on the way back to the hotel for an afternoon of sipping mai tais poolside.
closeup of a dragonfly perched on a rock in hong kong park.
dave's got a friend who belongs to a country club in hong kong. i tagged along one day and enjoyed the country club lifestyle.
me, dave, and winston hanging out in stanley, hong kong as the sun goes down....me with my new hat that dave talked me into buying.
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