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Mike's Photos From The Road #33
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an army of turtles piles on top of each other on a rock in hong kong park
hong kong park has an excellent aviary where you can see exotic birds from the area for free, including the most superior bird of them all: the pelican. we will one day be ruled by the magnificent pelicans and i will prooudly bow to them.
a great way to pass between hong kong island and kowloon is by the star ferry. i was riding it when a barge passed in front of my ferry. the ifc building looms in the background on hong kong island.
my friend mary and i went to lantau island for the day to relax on a beach. here in the boardwalk along the sea.
lantau island is famous for a 15 meter (50 foot) bronze buddha sitting on top of a mountain - these are the statues at the base of the buddha...women offering their respect to the massive figure.
you gotta respect something that big.
this is the view the buddha has of lantau island. except i'm not usually standing there in his way. but at this moment i was.
mary got in his way too.
i honestly believe hong kong has more neon than las vegas - here is a small amount of it on nathan street in kowloon.
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