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Mike's Photos From The Road #34
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stephanie came to visit me in guangzhou, china. she was in xiamen, china on business and took a quick flight over for a few days. here she is riding the bus to white cloud mountain.
stephanie enjoys lunch on a park bench in the gardens at the base of white cloud mountain.
the park was a colorful, fresh air escape from the loud, dirty city.
we rode a chairlift to the top of white cloud mountain to explore the parks up there.
"ok, this is going to get a little weird. two dragons." - will ferrell in starsky & hutch. here are two dragons carved into the wall at nine dragons springs on top of white cloud mountain.
there is "miss universe" posing with "the nomad."
this says "big happy fruit ball squishes smiling laughing donkey boy as he skips to school."
the walls were carved with spectacular murals.
the setting sun lit up the stained-glass windows.
hanging over guangzhou on top of white cloud mountain.
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