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Mike's Photos From The Road #35
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some locals convinced me to go eat dog with them in kunming, china. it was hard to say "yes" when i saw it skinned and sitting on a table but i did eventually.
the low table on the street at which i would eat my dog.
at least when it was served to me it was more appealing than when it was displayed on the table.
so with xiong sitting next to me i start unwrapping my chopsticks to eat my dog. i am smiling but am quite nervous.
my first chopstick full o' dog. it wasn't too bad but i had to try to block out of my mind what i was eating.
xiong, or andy, helen, and annie from kunming, china - the dog eaters.
in front of every stand on the street they displayed a picture so there was no doubt about what you were eating.
i left kunming, china for laos and did so on a sleeper bus which took 22 hours. here is my bed which may look comfortable but sure wasn't.
another shot of the bus. johann from belgium looks into the camera - i first met him out by a lake in the gobi desert of mongolia, and then again here on the bus to laos - it's cliche yes but it's a small world.
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