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Mike's Photos From The Road #42
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on christmas dobja and i headed off into the jungle of khao yai national park about 3 hours east of bangkok. we did an all-day jungle trek and came across crazy trees and cool wildlife. here i am inside a tree...
you could get a great view of the jungle from the cliffs within the park.
anyone see that movie "the beach"? i didn't but the guide told us that this is the waterfall from the movie.
i climbed a vine for this picture before another waterfall in the jungle.
this is a macaque that wandered onto the road to see what we were doing in our stopped truck.
the jungle goes and goes...
there were some cool bridges to walk over in the jungle.
as we pulled out of the park a mountain on the horizon erupted - with bats. 2 million bats leave a cave inside the mountain at 17:20 everyday, making their way into the park. they return to the mountain cave early in the morning. it was quite a site. a streaming, black ribbon of bats pouring into the sky for over a half-hour.
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