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Mike's Photos From The Road #48
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michael kivisto - mikko kivisto - mikko kivisto - michael kivisto. me and superpal mikko kivisto from helsinki in his apartment in singapore drinking port. i look so stupid: i'm the michael kivisto on the left.
the singapore sling was invented where? can you guess? singapore! but where exactly? the raffles hotel! zac, mikko, and i enjoy a singapore sling in the country, city, and hotel in which it was invented. there were about 8000 other idiots in there doing the same thing.
onto indonesia. here's rolf. can you tell where he is from?
rolf, me, and martin hang out in a restaurant in bali, indonesia, drinking beer and playing guitar. they are from sweden. so is 1/4 of me. i think it's my left arm.
me riding the ferry from the island of bali to lombok in indo. those are volcanoes behind me on bali. to my immediate left, although not pictured, dolphins were doing flips out of the water.
i busted out the guitar on the ferry and the two indonesian girls behind me kept requesting songs. when i knew it, they helped me belt it out. one of my favorite pictures ever. i liked these girls until they told me "you look like eric clapton." i said "i look like i am 60 years old?" they said "ok, eric clapton 10 years ago." great. i look like a 50 year old englishman.
we are approaching the island of lombok and zac is excited.
bookended by zac and andrew our are new friends jess (from england), rob (from belgium), and andre (from south africa) on the gili islands of indonesia.
is it possible to not look cool as fuck while holding a surfboard?
even though i am lying in a heap on the tile porch of my bungalow as rob and andre look on laughing at me, i am actually feeling quite good in this shot. mushrooms are legal on the gili islands and we decided to indulge. i didn't say no to dog in china so i didn't say no to mushrooms in indonesia. i am out here living perhaps a little beyond my normal scope sometimes but you only live once, right?
i was able to stand up finally and that's when andrew hit the floor. here he is on mushrooms flipping me off in a very british way. two fingers, symbolizing the two fingers the english would threaten to chop off the french archers if they caught them.
good god, burn this picture. we all felt more comfortable on the cool tile floor. andre, me, and andrew out of our heads in a forgettable group shot.
i ventured back to the "bar" where it all began to take a snapshot of zac sitting in the bungalow on the beach feeling, uhh, good. in his skirt.
i stayed up all night - so did everyone - and was treated to an amazing sunrise over the mountains of lombok. i was somewhat coherent at this point and thankfully was able to properly operate a camera.
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