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Mike's Photos From The Road #49
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andrew and i left zac, andre, rob, and jess on the gili islands and took a boat to the island of komodo, home of the komodo dragons. here we are sitting on the mast of our ship on which we spent 3 nights sleeping out on the deck under the stars of the indonesian sky.
komodo island. bring on the dragons.
komodo national park indonesia: a world heritage site. and me.
had been wanting to see one of these my whole life.
hard to tell from a photo but this lizard is 10 feet (3 meters) long.
on the dock boarding the speedboat back to our ship, i caught a photo of a blue-sailed boat drifting in front of the green carpeted hills of komodo island.
approaching our boat in the speedboat. the roof of this was my launching pad for 3 days.
we docked the boat in a cove and enjoyed some fantastic snorkeling, swimming, and jumping off the boat on the shores of komodo.
from the roof of the boat i took this photo of andrew swimming in the translucent waters of komodo....
...then i handed off my camera to our argentinian friend corrine and launched myself into the water.
click on the above picture to view a short video of me launching off the roof into the indian ocean.
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