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Mike's Photos From The Road #5
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the following two pages of photos are from jamie, an australian i traveled through morocco with.
this is jamie sitting on top of the rif mountains in chefchaouen, morocco. we hiked to the top of the rocky mountains with an excellent view of a lake of clouds resting in the valley below.
we rode a bus to fes where we met adil and yousef, two locals who were very excited to show some westerners around. they took us to their local cafe, called cafe u.s.a., where we drank sprite and smoked apple-flavored tobacco from a shi-sha pipe. that is adil on the left.
groups of kids played sports and other games throughout the medina (old town) of fes, with its narrow, winding alleys and small squares. here some kids pose for jamie, the girl in the middle with a movie-star look on her face.
the intricate patterns of the islamic tiles make even the most simple building resemble a palace.
we were the only ones in this restaurant housed in a former palace. the cook stood by the kitchen door watching us eat and locked the doors behind us after we left.
westerners aren't allowed in the mosques but you can look in and snap a quick photo as you walk by.
buried in the center of the medina, the tanneries can be smelled from miles away. the hides of animals are dipped in the dyes consisting of pigeon shit, paint, blood, and whatever anyone drops in there. the pungent odor practically cripples you as you observe the workers from a balcony above.
a close-up of the workers. high up on the list of worst jobs in the world, no doubt.
tanjin chicken is the famous dish in morocco. on the drive to the desert, we stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch where some enthuisiastic patrons playfully posed with their meal.
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