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Mike's Photos From The Road #50
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i am flipping off andrew as he takes a picture of me sitting in the airport of dili, east timor. my goal was to travel around-the-world without flying but it all came to an end when i could not get from east timor to australia on a boat. i wanted to swim but decided to buy a one-way ticket for the one hour flight. i wasn't happy. but getting from london to australia with only taking an one hour flight ain't too shabby.
security wasn't too formal for this short flight, filled mostly with u.n. officials. here the security guard "plays" my guitar through the case while the flight attendant laughs.
well i gave it a hell of a run. here i am boarding the plane that ended the goal. oh well. at least it was a cool propellor plane which i boarded from the tarmac. sorta made it all right.
the pilot took this picture of australia out of the cockpit.
3 hours after landing in darwin, australia, i bought this van, which andrew and i named petter (petter with two t's.) the next day i filled her up and we began the 3.5 day drive from the very top end of oz to the southeastern shore where sydney is.
andrew, the uncooperative dick, poses in front of petter in the outback.
ipod hooked up to the stereo, eight balls hanging from the rearview mirror, thousands of miles of open road, a cooler full of drinks, a beanbag - what else do you need for the perfect roadtrip?
petter's shadow cast out into the outback.
the third day begins. throughout oz roadside stops are provided to sleep in your vehicle because of the tremendous distances without any services.
every now and then when driving across oz, you run into quarantine areas. he had to pull over here and get rid of all our fruit since the area we were entering tries to keep all fruit flys out. i stuffed myself with about 15 bananas and 3 oranges at this stop.
here i am sitting on the roo bar at a roadhouse. the roo bar is an essential accessory when driving through the outback. the kangaroos come out at dusk and tend to throw themselves at headlights. if you hit one at 150 km/hr without a roo bar you may not survive it. this one was heavy-duty.
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