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Mike's Photos From The Road #57
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we went to byron bay (my second time on this trip) where i saw a guy floating high in the sky on a handglider. the next day i was signing my life away to do it myself.
my instructor assembles our hand-glider.
behold the platform from which i would fly!
me climbing into the sleeping bag-like harness. it was about as comfortable as lying on jagged concrete blocks.
ready to fly not realizing yet that one of the two hand-holds on my instructor's suit would come off in my hand 5 seconds into flight. i kept waiting to fall out.
they let me take my camera up with me. this is the first shot i took of the byron bay coastline. although they didn't show up in the photo, there was a group of dolphins playing in the water below us.
another picture from the glider.
and another.
me and the pilot mick flying high above spectacular byron bay. when i see you again i'll play you the video i took - it's too big to put online.
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