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Mike's Photos From The Road #58
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jamie from sydney, whom i met in morocco, talks on a mobile phone at curl-curl beach in sydney plotting my death-by-surfboard.
jamie and i moments before i almost lost my life in the disturbingly strong surf.
mary from sydney invited me to her family farm over ANZAC weekend (a day commemorating veterans in oz and new z) in gloucester, oz. here i am in a park above the town.
here's a nice shot of my crotch.
mary has a stretch.
mary looks off-camera at some bikers who noisily rolled up behind me.
mary's step-dad graham fires up the essential ozzie barbecue over ANZAC weekend. the farm has spectacular views from the wrap-around wooden porch.
in early may, i took off from sydney for melbourne in a rental car. i stopped in the snowy mountains and took a hike up the mountains of thredbo. this picnic table provides a nice spot for lunch.
some cool trees on this section of the trail, known as dead horse gap. if you look closely at the trail you can see the dead horse crap.
approaching the bottom. thredbo is a very serene, quiet place where i was able to do a lot of writing.
the biggest moron in oz poses in front of the biggest mountain in oz, mt. kosciusko
kozie, as the locals call it. if a word has more than two syllables, australians shorten it to one and add "-ie." sunglasses are sunnies. mosquitoes are mozzies. a sick-day from work is called a sickie. so, this isn't mt. kosciusko, it's kozie.
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